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ubGrid is a FREEWARE grid control for VB6

3D Charting Toolkit
3DCharting Toolkit is a powerful component charting solution for COM and .NET.

vbSkinner Pro
You can change the look & feel of your application easily adding this ActiveX control to the forms. With vbSkinner Pro your project will have a skin system. The forms will have a ronded look, with a new title bar.

ubGridX is an unbound grid control for VB6

Active Metadata
Active Metadata is an ActiveX component to get EXIF and IPTC image information

WaveDiff processes a wave & returns accuracy of match found with reference wave

Monitor folder and file activity Automatically perform backup operations.

POP3 Component for retrieving email based on POP3 protocol support IPv6.

AAA Easy Grid Control ActiveX
editable grid control activex with print preview, spreadsheet, chart, excel

Active Server Image
Generate custom industrial, manufacture, business, medical, chemical charts.

ActiveComport Serial Port Toolkit
Serial Port Toolkit to communicate wih a modem or other serial port device

ASP XML Parser Component
Super-Fast DOM-based XML parser for ASP

Visual Basic ActiveX control for AutoCAD.

addZIP Compression Components
Powerful PKZIP compression components for every Windows developer

VCX Library
Audio streaming ActiveX library for voice chat, conference, VoIP applications

decimal to roman numbers conversion tool, activex tool DLL format

Intech ITSleuth
A full-featured surveillance control with motion/sound-sensing, FTP&SMTP

MoleZIP is a COM/ActiveX component that allows easily work with ZIP archives.

VB6 ActiveX DLL- Print and preview MSFlexGrid controls with formatting output.

AccBrowser is a Control used to browse your Accounting Database.

ActiveGantt Scheduler Component
Add Scheduling capabilities to your Application.

ActiveEmail SMTP E-mail Toolkit
SMTP E-mail Toolkit to send mail to a SMTP mail server

Navigate, Add, Delete, Edit, Search, Undo and Save changes to ADO recordsets!

Hex Editor Delphi 5 Control
Edit as bin/octal/dec/text; Undo/Redo; Insert/Over; Print;Clipboard;Color coding

Crypt ocx/ActiveX for VB, Delphi, C++ for strings

PDF OCX is a FREE powerful ActiveX Control (OCX) for software developers containing many useful PDF related functions. These functions can be used to easily create high-quality PDFs from virtually any type of file.

Intech SMTP
A full-featured SMTP control with encryptionn and compression

Control Active X muy parecido al control MonthView con mas opciones graficas

Universal HTTP File Uploader Component
Universal HTTP File Uploader ActiveX

Intech Pop3
A Pop3 control with decryption and text-to-speech

ClearImage Barcode 1D Basic
ActiveX easily reads barcodes from any scanned or faxed image in VB C++ Delphi

Hex Editor ActiveX Control
Edit as bin/octal/dec/text; Undo/Redo; Insert/Over; Print;Clipboard;Color coding

AiS Watermarker ActiveX
Helps to add watermark to protect copyright of your images and make thumbnails.

PTracer is a ActiveX Library for raster to vector conversion

Aurigma Image Uploader
ActiveX control for mass image uploading from IE, creating thumbnails, etc

Active Server Flash Standard
Generate custom flash adverting banner, dynamic content flash.

A powerful ActiveX control supporting GIF animation, JPEG, TWAIN, PNG, TIFF.

Toolbox for VB, C++, Delphi in OCX format, ActiveX

The SCML 3D FRAME OCX is a control to display nice frames.

VideoOCX - Easy integration of live video capture into your applications.

Arclab File IO/System Toolbox
Component for File, Folder, Shell, Windows API and System operations

AccBrowser Source Code
AccBrowser is a Control used to browse your Accounting Database.

Url2Img is an easy to use ActiveX component to make screenshots of web pages.

Virtual Serial Port ActiveX Control
Create virtual serial port directly from your application and work with it.

Best ComboBox
ActiveX ComboBox control with extended features.

Virtual Serial Port Driver 9x
Create two virtual serial COM ports in your system

Chilkat AES & RSA Encryption Component
AES / RSA Encryption and Digital Signature ActiveX Component

COM Server component that provides credit card authentication services

KernelCAD Software
Displays and modifies 3D models as an embedded component of Windows application

Programmable ActiveX calculator control

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