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BitDefender Professional

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Secure Your PC Filters all possible virus access ways by scanning against viruses e-mail traffic, shared directories, Internet content, instant messaging traffic, floppies or CD-ROMs. Take Control Blocks any virus, Trojan, Internet worm and other malicious code, all at your simple command Advanced filtering Enables you to define which application can access the Internet, as well as which web resources can be accessed Privacy Gateway Keeps user identity and preferences private when surfing the Net Instant Messaging Protection Protects the system against viruses while using ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger, NetMeeting, MSN Messenger Technology Standards BitDefender Professional virus scanning engines have been certified by ICSA Labs Always Updated Virus definitions and scan engines are updated every 8 hours without any user intervention Full e-mail protection BitDefender Professional protects any e-mail client without any special configuration Technical Support Our package includes 24/7 free technical support provided by certified specialists Hacker prevention Advanced firewall rules, filtering incoming and outgoing Internet traffic Active content control based on sites Monitors Internet traffic, filtering ActiveX, JavaApplets and Scripts

Tags: antivirus, internet filtering, privacy control, instant messaging protection, active content control

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