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Java XML to CSV Tool with GUI

Easy MP3 Alarm Clock
Wake up to the sound of this alarm clock that supports MP3 and other audio files

ASP windows registry editor
Complette COM interface to read/enumerate/modify windows registry keys and values from ASP/WSH/VBA/IE/VBS/JScript and T-SQL. Lets you work with remote registry and logon to user account with required access rights.

010 Editor
010 Editor is a professional text/hex editor designed to edit any file, drive, or process on your machine. Use our unique Binary Templates technology to understand any binary file format. Includes a whole range of powerful analysis and editing tools.

Software to test your computer or laptop keyboard. See key presses & scan codes.

Network Boot Tools
Pre-OS / Network Boot PXE, BOOTP, TFTP servers & utils for Windows

Fast Shutdown
Tunable log off,restart or shutdown by simple mouse click

SmartGesture Lite
fulfils commands detecting gestures of pointing device (tablet pen, touchpad)

HDD Thermometer
HDD Thermometer monitors you hard disks temperature and prevent overheating.

SmartGesture Tablet PC Edition
fulfils commands detecting gestures of pointing device (tablet pen, touchpad)

Absolute Uninstaller
This program helps you uninstall applications that you no longer want to use. It can display programs that have missing or bad uninstallers. It offers a more user-friendly way to remove unneeded applications and to improve your computer efficiency.

Free RAM, monitor System on graph and SysTray Icon, Show Alerts,reboot, shutdown

Powerful reminder and task scheduling program.

RAM Defrag
RAM Defrag - defrags your RAM Winner of the "Isidor Awards 2003"

Navigational toolbar utility - addon for popular Windows programs.

Smartlaunch - Cyber Cafe / Gaming Center Management Software.

WinINSTALL 8 MSI Packager, Manager & Distribution System

RAID Reconstructor
Recover Data From A Broken RAID Level 5 or 0 Array

Auto ShutDown XP Professional
The most advanced Auto ShutDown application on the market.

Virtual Serial Port Driver XP4
Two virtual serial ports linked to each other via virtual null-modem cable.

Keyboard macro program with multiple clipboard and Windows automation features. Stores texts for typing or pasting into any application, run programs, set alarms, completely automate password dialogs and more. Elimate those repetitive tasks!

Internet Cleaner
Internet Cleaner is an innovative solution for your online privacy. It can clean your index.dat files, typed URLs, cookies, the cache, and most recently used data, among other things. This Internet Cleaner also increases the speed of your PC... Professional
Suite of tools for increasing MS Windows operating system performance.

This programm can send email to multiple recipent at a time without browser.

OSL2000 Boot Manager
Run up to 100 OSs using this advanced multi boot manager.

SQL Delta
SQL Delta quickly compares and synchronizes SQL database structures and data.

Macro Wizard Keyboard Mouse Recorder
Macro Wizard Keyboard Mouse Recorder

1 Click Fixer PLUS
1 Click Fixer PLUS is the most advanced registry cleaner utility that will repair Windows related problems in just 1 simple Click. Scan your entire registry for any invalid or obsolete entries and view a list of the registry errors found and fix it.

AddXP make available Windows XP visual styles to old programs.

GetDataBack for FAT
GetDataBack is a highly advanced data recovery software.

HardCopy Pro
HardCopy Pro is the professional, easy to use screen capture tool for Windows! It can capture rectangular screen areas and whole windows, it supports all major file formats and is full of options.

Expands combo boxes allowing you to see more entries and make selections easily.

Active Keys
Make a controller capable of doing any action with single press of your keyboard

Actual Window Minimizer
10 applications don't fit the taskbar. Use Minimize to... ANYWHERE! Classic
Suite of tools for increasing operating system performance. cleanly removes software from disk drives and dead references from the Windows registry. gives you control of start up process and customize system settings.

ASHE - A Scripted Hex Editor
A hex editor with a scripting language. Hex, binary and decimal views.

Tee timer

Spacebar functions as spacebar and shiftkey w/new shiftkey functions.

BootPart is a tool for adding partitions in the WinNT/2K/XP multi boot menu

SmartCapture is the professional, easy to use screen capture tool for Windows! The clear and intuitive user interface and powerful features make it the ideal utility for everyone.

xStarter will help you to automate each and every process in your computer. Automate operations on schedule, or on a keypress or via various events (windows event log changes, file/folder modifications, signals from an RS232 port, TCP/IP, etc.)

If you need to create or edit text files and want something with more options than the default Notepad/WordPad programs that come with Windows but don't need the power and complexity of a full-fledged word-processor, check out NotePro.

3 Timer and logoff

AccuBell Talking Caller ID
Announces caller number. Popup shows Name,Number,Date,Time. Block unwanted calls

Useful tools for system administrators to control Windows exit options

Actual Window Guard
Make any actions with windows to work conveniently with our Actual Window Guard!

Recover wasted RAM, prevent crashes and maximize the performance of your PC.

Reclip - Popup Visual Clipboard Assistant

HSLAB Sys Monitor Pro
Advanced real-time system monitoring and statistics utility.

RegSnap is a tool that can help you analyze changes made to the Windows Registry. With it, you can compare snapshots and learn which keys were modified. You can also analyze other sensitive system parts,such as a list of files in system directories.

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