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Spyware Doctor
Spyware Doctor is an advanced adware and spyware removal utility that detects and cleans thousands of potential spyware, ad ware, trojans, keyloggers, spy ware cookies, trackware, spybots, malware and other malware from your PC.

a-squared (a2) personal
Protects the PC against malicious software: Trojans, Dialers, Worms, Spyware

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal
Kaspersky™ Anti-Virus Personal, 1 year, v. 4.0

Norton AntiVirus
Basic antivirus protection that stops viruses and spyware, so you can safely go online and share.

Anti-BO notifies you upon attempts of unauthorized entry to your PC from the net

Panda Titanium Antivirus 2004
A latest generation product with capacity for detecting viruses and threats

Panda Antivirus Platinum
Panda Antivirus Platinum: selected as #1 antivirus by Windows 2000 magazine.

Delete Doctor
Delete files that are difficult to delete, files that resist deletion

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal Pro
Kaspersky™ Anti-Virus Personal Pro, 1 year, v. 4.0

Startup manager & Trojan Horse detector

BitDefender Professional
BitDefender Professional is a complete antivirus solution.

Panda AntiKAK Utility
Get rid of the KAK worm on your Windows 3X, 9X, ME, 2000 and DOS systems

Panda Enterprise Suite
Panda Enterprise Suite offers global protection for the main virus entry points

Keeps the security, integrity and well functioning of your system.

V3pad WinAll
Scan engine is updated automatically weekly, launched form Explorer, fast & easy

avast! 4 Professional Edition
avast! 4 Professional Edition is a complete antivirus software for your company. It scans for viruses, worms and Trojans. It contains all the features and much more. Incremental updates of virus database (twice a week) are small, fast and reliable.

avast! 4 Home Edition
Free antivirus for home noncommercial use - scans for viruses, worms and Trojans

Hard Angel
Jumper for ATA hard drive. Hardware protection & lock of attacks of the viruses.

XSpy Shield Gold
XSpy Shield - Gold Edition

avast! Virus Cleaner
A free tool that removes the most common viruses & worms from your computer.

Webroot MyDoom Remover
Webroot MyDoom Remover is a free tool that detects and removes the MyDoom Worm

Archive Windows event logs. Snapshot, restore and monitor Windows computers.

Protect webpages and important files against hacker. Defend trojan and virus

MicroWorld Anti Virus Toolkit
MWAV Cleans viruses from registry,Memory, Disk,Startup Folders,Services

Panda Global Virus Insurance
Panda Antivirus: selected as #1 antivirus by Windows 2000 magazine.

Webroot Beagle Remover
Webroot Beagle Remover is a free tool that detects and removes Beagle Worm

The most powerful anti-virus software in the industry includes anti-spam filter

Folder Security Personal
Password-protect files, folders, and drives from malicous people and programs.

Monidir 2000
Freeware tool to monitor your system/network folders for changes

AntiVirus for MDaemon
AntiVirus for MDaemon protects your network against email viruses.

Spyware Begone Free Scan
Spyware Begone - Scan your PC for Spyware / Adware Infection for free.

Stops script viruses before they can get in you computer

Trustixâ„¢ AntiVirus
Trustixâ„¢ AntiVirus 2005 Detects and eliminates viruses from desktop and networ

Detect any modification of your files, and restore protected backup files.

Protector Plus 2000 for Windows
Protector Plus is an anti-virus software designed for Windows.

Protea AntiVirus Tools, Avast! version
Protea AntiVirus Tools for Notes/Domino, Avast! version

Dr.Web Anti-Virus for Workstations
Powerful and reliable anti-virus protection for your workstation.

PC DoorGuard
Full-featured professional anti-trojan fighter.

Norton AntiVirus Professional
The world’s most trusted antivirus solution with advanced protection.

Powerful protection against spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers...

Protea AntiVirus Tools, Quick Heal versi
Protea AntiVirus Tools for Notes/Domino, Quick Heal version

Protea AntiVirus Tools, ClamAV version
Protea AntiVirus Tools for Notes/Domino, ClamAV version

A collection of tools to fix, speed up, maintain and Ptotect your PC!

Max PC Secure
Max PC Secure - Surf the Internet without being tracked, includes Max Anonysurf. Safe guard your personal information from spyware, includes Max Spyware Detector. Clear all your on & offline activities after you use your PC, includes Max PC Privacy.

Norton Internet Security
Advanced Internet and antivirus protection for anywhere you go online.

PrivacyKeyboard - PrivacyKeyboard™ software for Microsoft® Windows® Vista/XP/2000 and Microsoft® Windows® Server 2008/2003 is the first product of its kind which protects computers against both spy software (spyware) and hardware keyloggers.

EMCO Network Malware Cleaner
EMCO Network Malware Cleaner is an intuitive addition in the category of virus scanning and removal. It can scan all nodes of you network and check for the existence of any instance of selected threats.

If you need an antivirus program for your computer, VIRUSfighter is for you. VIRUSfighter is a user-friendly antivirus program for Microsoft Windows that is easy to install on your computer and gives you the best protection you can get.

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