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DvdReMake Pro

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DvdReMake Pro is a powerful, yet intuitive DVD editor that will let you change content, appearance and navigation of a DVD disk without the need for complete disk re-authoring. Using unique editing features of the DvdReMake Pro you can completely customize your DVD backups, fix authoring errors, merge DVDs or even compile a new DVD from bits and pieces of other DVD disks. DvdReMake Pro provides functionality needed to edit DVDs or customize DVD backup: - Put multiple DVDs together preserving original menus; - Move and insert new chapters on an existing DVD; - Split a DVD into 2 discs (ideal for episodic DVD's); - Cut out credits, embedded studio logos and commercials; - Strip unneded audio and subpictures; - Remove unneeded angles from multiangle disks; - Remove warning/rating screens; - Remove menu transitions; - Delete menus for selected language; - Disable menu buttons to material you have removed; - Edit DVD navigation (all VM commands and valid combinations are supported); - Edit, delete or create new TitleSets, Titles, Chapters, ProgramChains, Programs; - Move TitleSets, ProgramChains, commands within the disk or between different DVDs; - Find DVD navigation errors; - Reorder menu buttons; - Easily trace DVD navigation; - Change properties of the video, audio and subpicture tracks; - Modify DVD menu buttons and color schemes in either still or motion menus; - Easily change highlights colors.

Tags: dvd, backup, split, merge, edit, angles, stream, navigation

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