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4Musics Multiformat Converter Free Download

4Musics Multiformat Converter

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4Musics Multiformat Converter - tool for converting between most popular audio formats: WAV, MP3, WMA and OGG. WAV -> MP3 (mp3 encoder) WAV -> WMA (wma encoder) WAV -> OGG (ogg[vorbis] encoder) MP3 -> WAV (mp3 decoder) MP3 -> WMA MP3 -> OGG WMA -> WAV (wma decoder) WMA -> MP3 WMA -> OGG OGG -> WAV (ogg[vorbis] decoder) OGG -> MP3 OGG -> WMA WAV -> WAV (wav bitrate changer) MP3 -> MP3 (mp3 bitrate changer) WMA -> WMA (wma bitrate changer) OGG -> OGG (ogg bitrate changer) Features: -converting in 1 click! -16 converters in 1: This little program contains 16 converters in itself for converting between WAV, MP3, WMA and OGG formats. -Fast Converting Speed: Audio format conversion executes directly without any temporary files, and thus enables high converting speed and economy of hard disk resource; -Advanced Output Format Settings: You can change bitrate (up to 320 kbps!), sample rate, stereo modes,.. -Automatic Source Deleting; -Supports Drag & Drop: you can drag and drop files from Explorer or File Manager into it's main window. -Tag Editor. What's new: Improvements: -now all program windows can be attached to Main Window with a help of a special button near a "Close" button; -audio options presets in audio options windows. - new "Add Folder" window with ability to select types of audio files to be added and option for including subfolders; - new option "Save subfolders structure", if you want to save encoded files to another place ("Options" window). Fixed bugs: -crashing at start/exit during load/saving settings; -sometimes settings could not be saved; -sometimes MP3 Options window flied away to the left top screen corner; -some text strings could not be translated; -bad File List redrawing; -sometimes menubar position could not be saved; -crashing when you press an "Audio" button; -resource overdrawing during the idle time; -incorrect multiple tag editing; -now process window is always on top.

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4Musics Multiformat Converter Download
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