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How to deal with thousands of files on various media? How to quickly find a file or a disk? InfoLayout helps you create and maintain a catalog of your CD-ROMs, hard disks, removable and network drives. It is a comfortable software application that keeps a catalog of your files in one place. Add information about your files to the InfoLayout catalog and forget about the boring process flipping your CD-shelfs. Why search on a CD-shelf? Instead of looking through disk by disk, quickly find files in InfoLayout. What's next? Adding disks to its catalog is not all that InfoLayout can do for you. To assist you in your search for files, InfoLayout keeps descriptions along with information about files in the catalog. Moreover, it maintains trees of categories no matter how complex they may be. Assign any item in the catalog to a certain category and you will never forget about important files. Furthermore, InfoLayout automatically imports description files such as descript.ion and files.bbs (it's possible to set custom description files). For music files (mp3, audio disks, etc.), InfoLayout stores such properties as artists, albums and titles in its catalog. InfoLayout can automatically import mp3 tags, read CDDB info and search by these properties. What to do when your collection of files gets bigger and bigger? Don't worry about that: the catalog can be easily reorganized. Create virtual folders to give your catalog the structure you want. With InfoLayout, you can move items inside the catalog and change the tree of categories the way you like it. InfoLayout not only creates and maintains a catalog of files. It goes several steps beyond. You can launch files, explore folders and copy files without using any other software. InfoLayout optimizes copying from multiple disks so that you won't have to insert the same disk in the drive twice. And it's not only folders and files. InfoLayout can also store URLs along with files in its catalog.

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