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Hanzi Explorer Free Download

Hanzi Explorer

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Hanzi Explorer is a powerful and intelligent four steps system for efficiently learning Chinese. Hanzi Explorer features a unique writing animation, every Hanzi is derived from its etymology or memory skills to color components and animated in big size stroke by stroke. These effects will dramatically enhance your memory efficiency. All of the National standardized Chinese characters and their great deal compound words are spoken by a FAMOUS CHINESE NATIONAL BROADCAST ANNOUNCER. Hanzi Explorer contains a variety of Chinese National Standard Character sets and school books. Hanzi Explorer is for the young and the young at heart, for beginners and experts, because everyone will find suitable access either to start or to continue. And even better! With Hanzi Explorer you can achieve knowledge without limitations: Hanzi Explorer helps you to easily build personal learning lists from any Chinese article, e-Book or your own choice of new Chinese characters. Hanzi Explorer is compliant with MS Windows worldwide due to professional Unicode programming. If you study Chinese, you need to study Hanzi! If you use Hanzi Explorer, you'll learn Chinese rapidly.

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